Autumn Breeze

The first cool front pummeled through Houston during the past 24 hours. Experiencing unrelenting heat and humidity for four months brings great appreciation to seasonal change. A cool breeze simply doesn’t happen during the summer this far South. But these later months ignite visions of northerly winds and light jackets. A certain brightness magnifies the clear blue sky and the dryness of the air invites a refreshingly deep breath. For a moment, the cares of the world fade and one can simply appreciate the moment.

The complications of life often mar the simplicity of living. Living is really taking a breath, eating a bite, hearing a song, laughing out loud and looking deeply into the eyes of one you love. I am beginning to appreciate that Life in Christ is the same. I complicate it often times with schedules, legalistic tendencies, self-imposed pressure and guilt. Living in Christ is simply reading His breath, tasting His goodness, worshipping the one who created songs, laughing at trials, and looking deeply into the eyes of the One who loves me more than I can understand.

Don’t misunderstand, suffering takes place throughout the world and injustice exists. Many people throughout the world won’t have the privilege of appreciating an autumn breeze. Those burdens are one’s I care about but they are not one’s I can carry. Today, the breeze reminds of me to pause doing and just “be” for a moment. It reminds me to cast off everything that entangles my heart and mind and live simply. It reminds me to joy and pleasure in His presence and at His hand (Psalm 16). So much competes for our attention and so much promises pleasure and fulfillment. Yet, with Iphone in pocket, and Starbucks in hand, my delight is in the Lord. There is no worthy joy or pleasure outside of His presence.

Thank you God for an autumn breeze.