Presidential elections seem to bring out the best and worst in each of us. They are polarizing. Voters choose sides and often vehemently defend their candidate. Yet, inevitably, only months later, disappointment sets it. Historically, the political affiliation the new president holds matters little. Lofty promises and lack of delivery send approval ratings spiraling downward. The speeches made, debates fought and strong campaign posture rallied the candidates troops under the banner of his name. But as reality set in, we recognize again that this is American politics.

However, there is another name by which men and women have rallied. It is a banner which has stood firm through the test of time and pain. This banner has been proven faithful and just even in the darkest times of humanity. From its first flight in Exodus 17 to the victory waved at the cross, the banner still flies today with unfailing faithfulness and the promise of life, real life.

King David, in Psalm 20:7, penned a simple verse, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Imagine a time when military might was measured in cavalry and chariots. They were far superior to the Israelite foot soldiers. The technology of the day rested on the mighty nations such as Egypt and the Philistines. Yet David laid aside the things so easy to place trust in. He acknowledged the appearance of power found in military might and technology could not stand against the name of the Lord. For the name of the Lord was their banner. He was the rallying cry that stood against any enemy. Under that banner, any foe could be vanquished no matter how obscene the odds. He is sovereign!

So it begs the question, what do I trust in? Under what banner do I regularly reside? When circumstances take difficult turns, which banner do I rally to? Which name do I trust? It is certainly easy to proclaim allegiance to Christ. It is far more difficult to live that allegiance practically. I can see the chariots and horses and they carry the appearance of power. But in the end, they will fail to deliver on their promise of security, wealth and power.

His name is the only one worthy of trust. He is the only One who keeps every promise. He is true, always. The Lord is our banner.


One thought on “Banner

  1. Our loyalty to God’s Kingdom is above any national allegiance. Too many Christians have gotten way too political to the point that they are devastated in their faith when the “wrong” candidate wins. The Bible is a story of living under the power of whatever cultural empire rules the day and living as a part of another kingdom. See Daniel, Moses, Any NT writer, etc.

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