On my way home

Sitting at the airport after being away from home for so long is excruciating. It is almost as if I can see my family and reengage life as it was meant to be. However, what stands before me is a long flight filled with bumps, delays, people I don’t know and some I do. There will be times when food is served, water is plentiful and possibly even a diet coke. Other times I will feel parched and frankly the restrooms just aren’t comfortable. We will be marched through business class and from a distance glance toward those who ride in the most style. At times, especially when attempting to sleep, I will long for that comfort.

During the early hours of the morning, caught between 30 minute naps, I know I will long for the comfort but jammed into coach with just enough leg space to gently press into the seat in front, I will attempt to sleep. How I long for comfort…

Life is not much different. It is often a long flight succumb to the will of many around you. Some will make noise while others quietly ignore you. At times, you are blessed with abundance and at times you will be parched. No matter what section or seat you have, we so often want one that is just above that seat. As life moves along and seems to become more complicated, we long for more comfort. it is easy to forget the point of the journey. The flight isn’t really about me at all. I am merely a passenger. I have been placed in my seat for a reason, to influence those around me. Being consumed with the quest for a better space and more comfort distracts me from the reason I’m flying. I can easily make it about me, with the best motivations.

So how do I learn to be content with my seat? Well, I think it begins by taking my headphones off and simply looking to my left and right. I don’t want the middle seat but really, it provides the best place to influence others. I don’t want to ride in coach but then again, I am surrounded. I guess I am learning to look again. I am learning to listen again to the stories of others waiting for the right moment to introduce them to the God who can change their story. Their story needs to change and then we both can turn to the other passengers and keep the story moving. It has worked for thousands of years and it is God’s way. He chooses me and you.

I’m on my way home and it is a microcosm of my real journey. May we all tell our story, His story well.