Alright, here we go.  I am excited to jump into the conversation that many of you who will read this have already begun, the evaluation of the book, PC.  I want to set a couple of ground rules I think will be appropraite to keep our discussion within good bounds.  Let’s not refer to the title of the book but only PC.  Those who want to add to the discussion are more than welcome but I don’t want to disparage any author.  I will create another category called PC on the blog and categorize each entry in that Category.  Let’s create a separate entry for each Chapter and see where we go.

The other guideline I think we should employ encourages us to critically think about the book from a biblical standpoint.  The authors, as well as you and I, come to varying conclusions regarding varying issues.  All of us walk into the discussion with our own prolegomena, or pressuppositions.  Our experience, upbringing, and decisions have shaped the way we view things.  So, insted of getting caught in the trap of what works for me – let’s evaluate the book on what Scripture states and what it doesn’t state.  Our opinions are certainly appropraite if we come under the same umbrella – submitting oursleves to the truth of Scripture.

Well, I hope that makes sense.  I will soon post some thoughts on Pre-chapter 1.  Thanks guys, I look forward to a lively and constructive dialogue.


19 thoughts on “PC

  1. Can’t wait to discuss. I agree that all discussions must be taken back to scripture. What man thinks (i.e. the authors of PC or us) is less important than what God thinks.

    With that in mind, let the dialogue begin…

  2. I had a prolegomena sandwich last week…it was delicious!

    I’m more of a MAC person than a PC, so this should be fun.

  3. Prolegomena is not a sandwich meat, Krentist. And your personal computing decisions should not be part of this discussion.

    We are having a lively discussion about PC here…so stay focused. Aren’t you enjoying the dialogue enough?

  4. What’s crazy is how both Krentist and Debbie Downer have the same clip art next to their posts. What a wierd coincidence.

    Lastly, who made “prolegomena” the word of the day? I keep hearing screaming from a couch, genie’s head, sunflower and other house random household items when I think or say “prolegomena”? I wish it would stop.

  5. “Thanks guys, I look forward to a lively and constructive dialogue.” ……..

    Cue Jeopardy theme music. We’re waiting!

  6. Seriously, this is worse that the teaser from Back to the Future Part II. We all know Marty and Doc Brown were going back to the wild west, but we had to wait a year to see it on the big screen!

  7. I didn’t know you were into blogging about PC, Shifting Tectonic Plates! What a coincidence! Small world. Although it seems like we maybe waiting a while for the next blog entry.

  8. I’m just going to throw this out there, and if you don’t like it, you can send it right back: I wanna see another blog post.

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